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FAQ2 - What does "Spreadsheet Automation" do for you ?

Based on our own opinions, derived from many years of working with Excel, we estimate that roughly 70% to 80% of Excel's total capability resides in the world of spreadsheet automation.

This means that users and purchasers of Excel who have no knowledge or understanding of spreadsheet automation are getting only 20 to 30% of the value and power of the package they purchased and probably in most cases much less.

Although possibly a sideways answer to the question; what spreadsheet automation does for you is unlock and make available to you that other 70% to 80% of Excel’s power that is only available via VBA code.

Don't worry if you are that person using only 10% of Excel. Even at that level of efficiency, Excel and the Office Suite has to be one of the greatest bargains on the planet. Fortunately you are sharing the cost of its development with the majority of every other desktop computer user in the world. You can conservatively say that you have on your desktop, and at your complete disposal, a billion dollar piece of software. Something for which you paid less than $500 US.

A power user who has mastered every Excel menu function (which is an awesome accomplishment on its own) has reached a proficiency level allowing only 20% to 30% of Excel's total capability to be unleashed. Amazingly, this can be done in an open, un-controlling and totally rational environment.

In our opinion, Excel and the MS Office platform surrounding it, is truly one of the most amazing software applications ever developed. We say this because we know of no other software application that can out of the box satisfy the majority of the needs of a 6th grader, and as well as the complex needs of a chemical engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physical chemist, physicist, biologist, geologist, accountant, manager, statistician, etc. All these individuals work simultaneously in the same user friendly, intuitive, and extremely sophisticated data manipulation environment. We are constantly in awe and obviously obsessed with this monumental intellectual achievement.

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