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FAQ6 - What are the most frequently used applications of the Excel automation environment?

Based on over 20 years working with Excel users and Excel automation, the following are representative of the most used applications for automation. Examples of spreadsheets using some of these features are available in the menu item "Examples" above. Without seeing these examples in action itís hard to fully appreciate how different and powerful they are.
  • Custom calculation functions including dynamic SQL , array functions, complex logic functions
  • Query, update, and dynamic SQL interaction with ODBC databases
  • Query, update and dynamic SQL interaction with ASP web pages
  • Control and enhancement of pivot tables and pivot table data sources
  • Control and enhancement of charts and chart data sources
  • Control and enhancement of toolbars, menu bars, toolbar commands, wizards, popup menus
  • Custom navigation of cells, ranges, sheets, windows, charts, pivot tables, workbooks
  • Custom manipulation of the keyboard and mouse interaction
  • Advanced iterative, circular, and manual calculation modes
  • Advanced control of visible and hidden excel objects
  • Custom use of an extensive choice of worksheet and workbook events (this is huge)
  • Use of Excel forms, form events, ActiveX controls
  • Control and enhancement of formatting features
  • Control and enhancement of goal seek and solver features
  • Control enhancement of file import and export features
  • Advanced error checking and system status information
  • Advanced text manipulation and search features
  • Control of other MS Office and OLE compliant applications
  • Control of multiple Excel applications, workbooks, and windows
  • Control and manipulation of Excel object protection and environment properties
  • Creation of custom Excel object classes, methods, and properties
  • Links To Other Sections Of This Site

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