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  • Spreadsheet Automation Links

    This is a list of links that give you some idea of what is happening in this business/technology environment. It includes important Excel Newsgroups as well as links to popular publications discussing the pros and cons of Excel. It also includes links to larger software systems that integrate well with Excel.

  • Multi- Monitor Links

    This is a list of links that tell you a lot more about the multi monitor systems. It includes sites of individuals and organizations that study the multi monitor environment and as well companies that are manufacturing and marketing high end multi monitor work stations.

  • Favorite Excel Links

    This is a list of links for Excel fanatics only. There are Excel users all over the planet who share and maintain Web pages with extremely valuable content for Excel users at all levels. Remember these are not links to major corporate sites ...but don't let appearances fool you ....there is a lot of great content here. Also many of these sites give tips on Access, Web design, and a host of other related topics.

  • True North USA - Hurricane Central

    The True North USA, LLC offices are located in Lake Wales Florida which is the 2004 Home to Tropical Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne . We maintain a special informal hurricane web area for our customers, suppliers, and friends which gives detailed forecast track maps and other weather links for hurricanes and tropical storms threatening our area. You are welcome to visit it.

  • Other Favorite Links

    This is a list of links that we consider interesting and valuable. Many not directly related to our business but things we would like to share with you if you are just browsing. Enjoy!

  • Downloads

  • This is a list of items that you can download from us. They include Excel spreadsheets that will let you see our work a little closer at hand. This is definitely better than the pictures in the examples section. You need to be running Excel 2000 or later to use them correctly. We would appreciate any feedback you have as to how they performed on your machine.

  • Tips

  • This is a list of tips for Excel power users. Tips include automation and non automation features of Excel.

  • Tips

  • Links To Other Sections Of This Site

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